The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Don't Forget

Listen to Eleanor's poem ... read by JH
Do you remember why we call you Grandma Giraffe, though you’re only five foot two?
Do you remember your favourite colour?
Do you remember that mine is blue?
Do you remember how to sing to me so that I fall asleep?
Do you remember how to chase me round? How to win at hide and seek?
Do you remember teaching art classes?
Do you remember mixing paint?
Do you remember watching me sing in school when the spotlights made me faint?
Do you remember that time we went camping, only we forgot to take the tent?
Do you remember any of our holidays? Any places that we went?
I hope one day you’ll remember, because I know I’ll never forget.
But in the meantime, Grandma Giraffe,
please don’t give up yet.

About the Writer

Eleanor Cullen

Eleanor is an MA student with a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing. She lives in New Brighton and is also a children’s author, since her debut picture book ‘A Match for a Mermaid’ was published in June 2021 after it won an international writing competition. It is illustrated by David Roberts and was published by Pop Up Projects CIC as part of their 10 Stories to Make a Difference Collection.