The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children


Warm and dark and milky space
Special, cosy, pouchy place
Mama tells me, "Look outside!”
I close my eyes and try to hide
Deep down, inside the home that's been
My own since I was just a bean
Outside is bright and loud and strange
I don’t feel ready for this change
But though I’d rather stay encamped
I must admit, it’s getting cramped
I take a peek with just one eye
And glimpse the golden sunset sky,
Hear the kookaburra laugh
And smell the sweet, delicious grass
And now I look with two wide eyes
Nose twitched, ears pricked, I realise
The wild is waiting, it’s my time
From Mama’s pouch I slowly climb
Cautious, awkward, paw-by-paw
And suddenly I’m on the floor
Knees bend, release, oh me, oh my
Who knew that I could leap so high?
What are these bendy, bouncy things?
No-one told me I had SPRINGS!

About the Writer

Rebecca Loveday

Rebecca is an emerging children’s poet from Portsmouth, England. She loves writing in rhyme and storytelling through poetry. Rebecca also works in a nursery where she supports children with additional needs. She lives by the sea in a house filled with interestingly-shaped pebbles and too many notebooks.