The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children


Warm and dark and milky space
Special, cosy, pouchy place
Mama tells me, "Look outside!”
I close my eyes and try to hide
Deep down, inside the home that's been
My own since I was just a bean
Outside is bright and loud and strange
I don’t feel ready for this change
But though I’d rather stay encamped
I must admit, it’s getting cramped
I take a peek with just one eye
And glimpse the golden sunset sky,
Hear the kookaburra laugh
And smell the sweet, delicious grass
And now I look with two wide eyes
Nose twitched, ears pricked, I realise
The wild is waiting, it’s my time
From Mama’s pouch I slowly climb
Cautious, awkward, paw-by-paw
And suddenly I’m on the floor
Knees bend, release, oh me, oh my
Who knew that I could leap so high?
What are these bendy, bouncy things?
No-one told me I had SPRINGS!

About the Writer

Rebecca Loveday

Rebecca is an early years practitioner with a passion for rhymes, poems and rhyming verse stories. She has been writing since she was little but only recently began releasing poems out into the wild. She’s currently working on collections of playful poems for pre-schoolers and peculiar poems for bigger kids. When not writing she enjoys rollerblading and gardening, but not at the same time!