The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Designer Girl From Venus

I saw the girl from Venus on a clear and starry night,
her flying saucer flying closer at the speed of light
Skin of green, I'd never seen a girl of such a hue
and laser beams shone in-between her eyes of lunar blue

Designer clothes from head to claws, she really did look fine
in top and slacks from TK Maxx on Moon Base Alpha Nine
She came to land then held my hand and said beneath the stars
"I'm so content, you're such a gent, not like the men from Mars"

She told me telepathically "I'd heard the word in space
that Earth's the place that sets the pace for fashion sense and taste,
I left space port on life support and crossed the endless dark,
I come in peace, and a two piece fleece from Saturn Retail Park"

We flew to town and soon touched down to mooch around the shops,
I tried a tie in Superdry and bagged some baggy tops
She bought a dress from M&S and when we had a brew
she said "Let's go to Starbucks, we have those on Venus too"

We went to Next and sent a text to her Venutian friends
about the special offers there that ended that weekend,
you really should have seen her as she rifled through the rails,
it seems that even alien beings can't resist the sales

I flew the girl around the world and showed her all the sights:
The Taj Mahal, the Pyramids and then the Northern Lights
We made sure we were back for tea by flying through the skies
with thrusters on for 'Two for One' on fries at TGI's

She hugged me tight that starry night and said through yellow lips
"Think of me each time you see a comet or eclipse,
'cause even though I have to go, at warp speed factor ten,
I will return on afterburn to be with you again"

She climbed aboard her mother ship as soon she had to leave,
(the atmosphere's too thin down here, she found it hard to breathe)
She gently frowned then turned around and counted down to one
then left the ground at the speed of sound! ... and then the girl was gone

Now at night when stars are bright I search the sky in vain,
a telescope my only hope of seeing once again
the girl who sails the silent seas of interstellar space,
the girl who spent a day with me then left without a trace

One day I'll build a time machine and travel back to when
she came from space with a travel case by Pluto Ralph Lauren,
or better yet I'll get a jet and fly the sky between us,
I won't forget the day I met Designer Girl from Venus

About the Writer

Dale Neal

Dale has been published online and in print. You will find his work in The Best Ever Book of Funny Poems (Pan Macmillan), My Socks have gone Bonkers (Fantastic Books Publishing), Watcher of the Skies (Emma Press), Guest on the Farm and How to Follow Your Dream (Little Stories: Bedtime Books storytelling app.). He has two children's picture books (My Grandad is an Alien and The Dinosaur and Me) being published in 2022 with Ventorros Press.