The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Dear Earth,

I know you are ferocious,
frightening wet, and deadly dry,

but when I see your forests,
all the birds of my heart fly.

I know that you have terrors—
yes, your roars are far from mild:

You are the lion I live on,
big and fierce and wild.

You are the lion the wind loves
tickling through your mane,

You are the lion I nuzzle
in the moments when you’re tame.

About the Writer

Linda Kohler

Linda lives in South Australia on Kaurna land. Her writing appears in Bracken Magazine, Balloons Lit. Journal, Highlights Hello, The School Magazine, the Wakefield Press poetry anthology, Tadpoles in the Torrens (& Teachers' Edition), and elsewhere. She is a mother and former teacher who likes cacao, words and birds.