The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Dawn Chorus

Listen to Lou ...
The chirps and cheeps are words of birds
on branches in the trees.
They jostle, shriek and snap their beaks,
while boughs sway in the breeze.
I watch the way they dance and play,
a waltz, a jig, hip-hop, ballet …

I wonder when they’ll leave –
then I can get some sleep!

About the Writer

Lou Piccolo

Lou Piccolo is an editor, storytelling coach, author and poet of children's literature who lives in the French Alps. She is the author of five graded readers for learners of English, Save the Titanic (2019), Tunnel to the Unknown (2020), Pompeii (2022), Lake Eerie (2022) and Leonardo's Stolen Legacy (2023). She is also contributing editor to English Kids magazine and runs the Editing Picture Book and Editing YA courses through the Editorial Freelancer's Association.