The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Daffodils, Hula Hoops and Jellies?

Pack your bags - we’re going over the hill
march-ing flags, hear trumpet-ing daffodils.

Carry paper and pens, tally twelve squawking hens
valley of chocolate egg gems, play in hideaway dens.

Assemble troops to our bikes - set pedals to take flight
hula hoop-bop rainbows, let’s revel moonlight delight -

dribbles gold in the East, fizzles jellies as our feast
chisels silver swords - what a quest; gather strong and head west.

See birds are our map, singing skies spy secret traps
two sharp tweets, one wing flap - means somebody is kidnapped…

a silly sister who snores? or maths teacher? (what a bore)
shhh don’t tell anyone - you promised - we swore!

But look! - what’s on your back? The bogey-man tied in a sack -
ring the bells, bang on drums - today’s battle is now won.

So burrow no more, hidden tunnels all explored
to-morrow grows out our clothes - struggle to touch on tippy toes.

We’ll remember our hill, down we tumbled and still -
following dream glow of yell-ow daffodils.

About the Writer

Dominic J. Sweeney

Dominic J. Sweeney is from Donegal, Ireland. He writes in English and Irish for both adults and children. His poetry has been published by The London Magazine, An Capall Dorcha, Púca, appears on poetry podcast "Eat The Storms" and is forthcoming in Spelt Magazine and Loft Books.