The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children


The cuttlefish seizes
The chance when it pleases
To show off its prizes,
Its colourful guises.
When danger arises
The cuttlefish chooses
Some clever disguises
And brilliant ruses.

The cuttlefish uses
A plan it devises,
A plan that confuses
And often bemuses.
A plan that comprises
Its inky surprises
The cuttlefish oozes
(sometimes hypnotises).

The predator loses
And off the prey breezes.
The danger defuses
And nervousness eases
The colour arises
The cuttlefish snoozes.
The end.

About the Writer

Pamela Jones

Pamela lives in Melbourne Australia. She writes stories and poetry for children and homeschools her two sons. Her poetry has appeared in The NSW School Magazine and The Australian Children’s Poetry website. Her debut picture book will be published in 2023.