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Cross Rhinoceros

Listen to Jacqueline read her poem ...
If you take your pet rhinoceros
With you to the fair,
Don’t ever buy her candyflosseros -
It might stick in her hair.
That’ll make her oh, so crosseros.
I warn you … just beware!
Picture by David Oates
Picture by David Oates

About the illustrator, David Oates: David is currently a teacher living and working in Suffolk with his wife, five children and 2 dogs. He picked up his drawing pens again in 2020 after a 23 year hiatus year to focus on achieving his childhood ambition of becoming an illustrator. His first children's book 'The Imagination Thief' is both written and illustrated by David and will be published in November 2021 by Emira Press.

About the Writer

Jacqueline Shirtliff

Jacqueline is a primary school teacher on the Isle of Man. She is passionate about instilling a love of poetry and reading in the children she teaches and encouraging them to be writers themselves. She lives with her husband and youngest son in a rose-covered cottage near the sea, and when she's not teaching or writing she enjoys gardening, crochet and playing the tuba and harp, but not all at the same time!