The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Crazy Dream

Listen to Julie read her poem ...
I dreamt I rode an eagle
but woke up on a horse,
a huge stately stallion,
who ran the fastest course.

He took me to a marsh
where I met an ugly frog,
who taught me how to burp,
whilst balancing on a log.

It all came to an end
when I fell and bumped my head,
but a friendly lion came running,
carried me straight back home to bed.

Don’t ever think
that dreams can’t come true,
because sitting here in front of me,
is my lion, staring straight at you!

About the Writer

Julie Stevens

Julie writes poems that sometimes reflect the impact MS has on her life. Her poems have been published many times online and in print. Her poem If I Can’t was a winning poem in Bespoke Verse’s National Poetry Day competition 2019. She has two published pamphlets, Quicksand (2020) and Balancing Act (2021). Website: