The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Confidence Lurks in Dark Corners

Listen to Helen ...
Confidence lurks in dark corners
its fine gossamer easily broken
as uninvited guests brush by
and thoughtlessly snap its threads.

Choking dust swirls in the air
and settles on the absence
of complex webs that took great courage
and stamina to build.

But tiptoe through the silence
and watch her step out across the void
as new creations glisten with dewdrops
framed by the rising sun.

About the Writer

Helen Dineen

Helen is an educational writer, originally from Edinburgh and now based in Southampton. Her first short poetry book 'The Incredible Whale and other poems' was published by Collins Big Cat in 2021. She has also had poems published by The Caterpillar and Bloomsbury. Helen previously worked in a primary school, and some of her best memories are of practising poems with the children, for them to perform in assembly.