The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Cloud Spotting

Listen to Charlie read her poem ...
It’s a sheep
It’s a castle
It’s a snake of cotton wool.
It’s an island
It’s a boat
It’s a stag - no, it’s a bull.

Come on Billy - your turn now,
And make it quite fantastic!
Do you see a cannonball?
A glove, or some elastic?
Do you see a sword fight
Between two sparring knights?
Or a dragon breathing marshmallows,
A fierce yet sticky sight?

It’s not that I don’t want to play
Or that I make a fuss,
But the only thing that I can see
Is a cum-u-lo-nim-bus.

About the Writer

Charlie Bown

Charlie has seven rainbow fish, a hamster called Curious and two human children who put pants on their heads and wellies in the washing machine. Her first poetry collection for children, ‘There’s a Poem in my Dungarees!’, was published last year. She loves playing and being silly - with words and in real life.