The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Clever Coral

Coral polyps cannot travel
Tiny, surface-rooted creatures
Clump together for survival
Wave anemone-like features

Coral polyps, in their thousands
Oceanic architects
Build on shells of those before
With super-sculptural effects

Coral polyps, rainbow coloured
Thanks to plant cells in their belly
Turning light into a food source
Helpful little zooxanthellae*

Coral polyps, home creators
Precious habitats in peril
Save our ocean ecosystems
Work together, like the coral

*Pronounced ‘zo-zan-THELL-ee'

About the Writer

Rebecca Loveday

Rebecca is an emerging children’s poet from Portsmouth, England. She loves writing in rhyme and storytelling through poetry. Rebecca also works in a nursery where she supports children with additional needs. She lives by the sea in a house filled with interestingly-shaped pebbles and too many notebooks.