The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Christmas is Nearly Here …

When winter’s close curtain is thickly drawn
And the soft sun sails low its short course,
When frosted fingers press pink ears and nose
And an icy breath billows with force,
Christmas is nearly here …

When a necklace of light glitters the hall
And a tall tree tickles the ceiling,
When big baubles reflect magical light
And wafts of pine ignite festive feelings,
Christmas is nearly here …

When you hear the big band of pots and pans
And see sprouts gather in emerald hoards,
When teacher smiles from a light-up jumper
And you sing about ten leaping lords,
Christmas is nearly here …

When squash sploshes across party tables
And balloons are passed between lines of knees,
When teacher’s wrapped tight in toilet tissue
And when the party music stops you freeze,
Christmas is nearly here …

When you melt in the back of a donkey
And you wished to be a pretty angel,
When three Wise Men follow the brightest star
And baby Jesus is born in a stable …
You know that Christmas is here.

About the Writer

Linda Middleton

Linda is a lifelong lover of writing and began sharing her passion for rhythm and rhyme last year. Her work can be found online and in magazines, including The Caterpillar and Pure in Heart Stories. She enjoys supporting children with their learning and teaching RE in a primary school in a leafy corner of England. In her spare time when she is not writing, she can be found wood wandering, beach strolling and ice cream tasting.