The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Winter Wonders

Wake up to frosted windows,
An icy blanket coats the ground,
Wrap up in your scarf and hat,
There are wonders to be found!

Catch a snowflake on your tongue,
Go sledding down a hill,
Make a snowman twice your size,
Take care not to catch a chill!

Go back inside to get warmed up,
We've had lots of fun and play
Snuggle up with a hot chocolate,
The perfect end to a snow day!

About the Writer

Jacoby Crane

Jacoby is an eccentric artist living in Derbyshire. They spend their time baking, making peculiar things, doodling doodles and writing oddities, currently they're focusing on poetry and working on a children's fantasy novel called Lumi. Jacoby's inspiration mostly comes from their unusual dreams and the weirdly wonderful things their kids quote, but their muse comes in the forms of Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell.