The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Christmas Jumper

Sat at the back of your dark dusty drawer
Folded up neatly awaiting my turn
Patiently watching as others are picked
When finally tinsel and holly return.

I’m the one chosen, today is my day
Showing off sparkles, my fun pictures shine
Cuddle you close, wrap you tight with my warmth
Me, you, together, our joy intertwined.

Three or four days, I don’t hope for much more
Singing and dancing the season is ours
Blissful enjoyment with family and friends
Gingerbread, mince pies and bright twinkling stars.

New year arrives and our special times leave
Back in the drawer with my memory friend
Moments so fleeting, yet brimming with love
Even the best of times come to an end.

About the Writer

Kirsty Tomlin

Kirsty writes and illustrates picture books, short stories and poems for children. She lives in beautiful Derbyshire with her three children and husband. She has been a primary school teacher in a past life and has worked for a number of children’s charities. When she is not writing and drawing, she can be found walking, playing, throwing stones in the river and reading to her lovely children.