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Chasing Clouds ... Adventures in a Poetry Balloon

Hello Balloonists!

Jonathan here with some brilliant news.

The Dirigible Balloon has put together a collection of poems from our first year as a poetry website and is publishing a book called
Chasing Clouds … Adventures in a Poetry Balloon.

The idea for a printed and published anthology came from some of the Dirigible Balloon poets themselves.

The book features over 80 poems from 60 poets, has illustrations provided by Em Humble and it will be available to order from this website on November 20th 2022.

The profit from sales will be donated to the National Literacy Trust, a charity working to improve reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in disadvantaged communities.
We really hope that through publishing this book, the Dirigible Balloon and Yorkshire Times Publishing will help the National Literacy Trust make a difference to those kids who need a bit of support with their reading.

We also hope that in the future, copies of the book will be available to read in a number of libraries around in the UK.

The launch of Chasing Clouds will be happening on Zoom and below is a link with further details.

Link to Eventbrite

About the Writer

Jonathan Humble

Jonathan lives in Cumbria. His work has been published online and in print in a number of magazines and anthologies. His first collection of poetry, My Camel's Name Is Brian, was published by TMB Books in 2015. His second poetry book, Fledge came out in 2020 through Maytree Press. His poems for children have been shortlisted and highly commended in the Caterpillar and Yorkmix poetry competitions and he is the editor of The Dirigible Balloon. His poems Masterclass and This Work is Done were chosen as the Milk House Poem of the Year at the end of 2022 and 2023.