The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Capture it and Tame it!

When an idea taps your shoulder
Make sure you spot it there
It may be fairly common
But it may be very rare!
Notice it has landed
That it has chosen YOU
Often they just spring on us
Completely out the blue!
Capture it
And tame it
Don’t let it get away
Write it down, record it
Constrain it in some way!
Jot it in your notebook
Put a memo on your phone
Just make sure that you don’t lose it
Like a dog protects bone!
It may turn into something
It may become a THING
But only if you’ve got it
Is there a chance that it may ping!
PING into a poem
Or ping into song
Ping into a something
That should definitely belong!

About the Writer

Daniel Phelps

Daniel’s children’s poems have featured on the BBC’s CBeebies, in digital content for education and published in anthologies by many British publishers. Daniel writes for children aged ‘young to adult’. Daniel delivers poetry shows and workshops in schools and runs the website He tweets under @planetpoetry