The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Can you Freeze Cheese?

Can you freeze cheese?
Can you fry a pie?
Can you thread bread?
Is it wrong if I try?

Can you cut a nut?
Be the master of pasta?
Hum a tune with a prune?
Or would it be a disaster?

Could you run with a bun
If it weighed half a tonne?
Could you gab with a crab
Then both eat a kebab?

Sew a leg on an egg
And then feed it to Greg?
Or mistreat a fajita
Then hide it from Peter?

Should I let loose some juice
For a stubborn old goose
While you make an excuse
To some warm chocolate mousse?

Cross a lake with a cake
Topped with cinnamon flakes
While a snake eating steak
Makes ice cream with a flake?

One thing I conclude
When it comes to my food
Is I never would risk it
For the sake of a biscuit

About the Writer

Ian Brownlie

Ian lives with his family in Marlow, Bucks. His prospective middle grade novel, Solomon Brown from Hero Town, was longlisted for Searchlight's Best Novel Opening for Children or Young Adults. Twitter:@herotownbook Website: