The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Can You Move?

Can you SKIP along like a bumble bee,
or JUMP so high like a hungry flea?
Can you GALLOP on like a kangaroo,
or HOP in place like a baby ewe?
Can you ROLL UP like an armadillo,
or SWAY in wind like a weeping willow?
Can you LUNGE ahead like the ocean swells,
or WAVE your arms in fond farewells?

About the Writer

Pamela Taylor

Formerly in the classroom, Pamela belongs to SCBWI and 12x12. She lives in Texas and writes quirky animal stories and poems. Her poetry is featured in THINGS WE FEEL, WHAT IS A FRIEND?, WHAT IS A FAMILY? & WHAT IS HOPE? by Vardell and Wong; FLY & WILD by Hey Hey Books & LADYBUG. She enjoys hiking, reading and crafts. You can find her at