The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Calvin's Caution

*Trifle not with tired tigers,
Tired tigers need their rest.
He who toys with tired tigers
Hasn’t been with genius blest.

Sleepy tigers may lie smiling,
Loosely clasping paws to chest.
But, beware that pose beguiling:
Tigers do not smile in jest.

Snoozy tigers do look slouchy,
In furry striped pajamas dressed.
Big or small, all cats are grouchy
You could end up very messed.

Fuzzy wuzzy paws retracted
Seem as safe as orange zest.
A sudden flash of claws protracted
Triggers cardiac arrest.

If these warnings leave you yawning,
If this be a sacred quest,
If hell bent on feline fawning,
Go ahead then - be my guest.

*'Trifle not with tired tigers': text in the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip by Bill Watterson

About the Writer

Radhika Chadha

Radhika is an author and artist. All her writing – on investment and innovation, picture books and scripts for dance and theatre – is woven around stories. She has written seven picture books for Tulika Books, including the Baby Bahadur series, Basava and the Dots of Fire, and her poem, A Well Is Born was part of Tulika’s anthology, Water Stories From Around the World. She lives in Bangalore, India, where she works on mixed media sculptures and teaches Writing KidLit.