The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Cakey Yum Yum

Listen to Nina read her poem ...
One lost pea on a cinnamon tree
Two giggle-bunnies on a hill (Hee hee)
Three French fish in a factory
And a slice of cake for me! (Yum yum)

Four small boys singing baba-doo-dee
Five little bites from a flea (What flea?)
Six grains of sand playing chicken with the sea
And a slice of cake for me! (Yum yum)

Seven posh pigs strutting stylishly
Eight awful aunts on a bus (Coo-ee!)
Nine black holes – oh, catastrophe!
And a slice of cake for me! (Yum yum)

“What ho!” says the vicar, “Will you have another slice?”
“Ooh YES,” I reply, “how nice.” (Yum yum)

About the Writer

Nina Parmenter

Nina is the mother of two imaginative boys, and writes poetry for people of all ages. Her children’s poetry has previously appeared in Better Than Starbucks, and her light poetry has appeared in Lighten Up Online, Light, and Snakeskin. To the ongoing disappointment of her friends, she also continues to write less amusing pieces which have been widely published in magazines and online journals. Nina lives in Wiltshire, UK and is a huge fan of the countryside, cake and laughter.