The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children


I need a better bucket,
for this bucket is too small;
a bigger better bucket,
twice as wide and twice as tall.

A bucket fit for emperors
and also for empresses,
a bucket fit for kings and queens,
for princes and princesses.

It must be golden plated
and encrusted with fine jewels,
and labelled with a “this way up”
in case it’s used by fools.

And with the bucket of my dreams,
the next thing I’d upgrade
would be, of course, to find myself
a new half-decent spade.

About the Writer

Hamnet Banjuhlo

While gazing into a highly polished tablespoon one day, an itinerant lettuce picker disappeared. Three days later, with a new name, he re-emerged with the germ of an idea: a jet pack device for moving cows from field to field, thereby solving at a stroke the problems encountered by many a motorist on country lanes … he also started writing poems.