The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Bonus Balloon Poems from Philip Ardagh

Here is Mr. Ardagh reading his poems in person ...
Pic lifted from Twitter
Pic lifted from Twitter
A Poem is like a Balloon

A poem is like a balloon,
he said.
It starts off small
and grows and grows,
he said.
And then, like all good ideas, takes flight,
making us marvel and look in wonder,
he said.
He said that a poem is like a balloon.
Picture by Em Humble
Picture by Em Humble

The Word 'Dirigible'

The word 'dirigible'
Is as hard to rhyme
As getting items which are fridgible
To the fridge in time
And items which are fruzz
To the freezer, too
So it's best to leave 'dirigible'
To the likes of YOU.
Picture by Em Humble
Picture by Em Humble

About the Writer

Philip Ardagh

PHILIP ARDAGH is a Roald-Dahl-Funny-Prize-winning children’s author and poet, whose books have been translated into around 40 languages. These include The Eddie Dickens Trilogy, Grubtown Tales, The Grunts, and Stick & Fetch. High in the Clouds, his collaboration with ex-Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney is currently being made into a film by Gaumont & Netflix.