The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children


Does anyone hear the birds
oh how they screech

far up in those trees
away from our reach…

Skip and hop
shaky cribs on twigs
drop -

dizzy jig they each
giddy kids in a sweet

Louder and louder
spill shrieks from their beaks -

near the school bus cheep cheep
Oi! one stole my lunch beep beep

And so one day
caw caw’d Mr. Cat
to come play

quick tap
pretty paws

lick scratch
cunning claws!

asleep in my bed
Mr. Cat has been fed


tweets melody
in my head.

About the Writer

Dominic J. Sweeney

Dominic J. Sweeney is from Donegal, Ireland. He writes in English and Irish for both adults and children. His poetry has been published by The London Magazine, An Capall Dorcha, Púca, appears on poetry podcast "Eat The Storms" and is forthcoming in Spelt Magazine and Loft Books.