The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Bird Gymnastics

Fearlessly flying through the air with speed and precision,
Vaulting from tree to tree at epic heights.

Hanging on wires like uneven bar specialists, squawk high above —
Dismounting into perfect formation through the sky.

Birds gripping branches with their talons,
Balancing on nature’s beams with careful intent.

Traipsing through grass looking for worms to eat,
A floor routine of survival and skill, no easy feat.

Once emerging from cracked shells and cozy nests,
Now spread their wings to become a winner of wildlife.

Perched on podiums made of rocks and stones,
A feather decorated champion of the outdoors.

About the Writer

Stephanie Henson

Stephanie lives with her family in Southeastern, Pennsylvania, but is originally from Central, New Jersey where she studied Communications at Rider University. She is back at Rider pursuing a Certificate in Publishing and Professional Writing. Her background is in Advertising/Marketing and most of her writing experience is through those professional roles. Writing and storytelling has been her passion for a long time. A short children's story she wrote was selected for publication by Glittery Literary, an article was featured in Parakeet Magazine’s inaugural issue, and she has had several poems published by The Dirigible Balloon. She also has a Children's Poetry book scheduled for release in 2023 with Experiments in Fiction, an independent publisher in the UK. Stephanie enjoys reading, theatre, mindless web searching, Netflix binges, sunflowers, sports, and anything related to coffee!