The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Bill's Boogie

When a special little bumblebee
had turned just three days old,
his parents gave him dancing shoes
and said “Bill, be bold!”

“Go out and waggle with your friends,
find nectar for the hive.
A one-two step around the bend,
it’s how we bees do thrive!”

He took their order quite to heart
and the shoes, he loved them all.
It wasn’t ‘til he put them on
that his heart began to fall.

He bumbled often to the left
when everyone went right
and only seemed to make a turn
when everyone jumped light.

The other bees, they shook their heads
in utter disbelief.
“Never was a bee so poorly led
and entirely off-beat!”

No matter what they said to Bill,
his feet kept dancing on.
Each twist and twirl, his heart was filled.
All worries, they were gone!

The other bees, they stopped their talk
and watched him in surprise.
His falter had turned to a walk.
His turns spun far and wide.

He taught them moves they’d never seen
like the waggle figure eight.
Or the zipper to a backward lean;
they all stayed out far too late!

And so all bees were from then told
to find their one true way.
Because of Bill who stayed so bold,
flowers came now every May.

About the Writer

Salena Casha

Salena's work has appeared in over 100 publications in the last decade. Her most recent work can be found on Block Party, Variety Lit, and Ghost Parachute. She survives New England winters on black coffee.