The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children


Listen to Lawrence read his poem ...
Time for us is short and rare,
so when you call, let's hope I'm there,
but if I am, I'm sure we'll share
a problem made for two

and if you change in teenage years,
swap toys and sweets for angst and tears
and hope to God I disappear,
I'll still be there for you.

However dark becomes the day
you strain to keep the wolf at bay,
my offer won't have gone away -
I'll see what I can do,

for in this world so sparse in light,
you are a fairy shining bright.
With all my heart and all my might,
I will take care of you.

About the Writer

Lawrence Moore

Lawrence has been writing poems - some silly, some serious - since childhood. He lives in Portsmouth, England with his husband Matt and nine mostly well behaved cats. He has poetry published at, among others, Dreich, Pink Plastic House, Fevers of the Mind, Sarasvati and The Madrigal.