The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Bedtime Routine

Every child ought to have
a bedtime routine.
Wash behind your ears,
make sure your teeth are clean,
lay out all your clothes
for school day tomorrow,
gather supplies
so you won't need to borrow,

cartwheel into bed,
spin some plates on your toes,
saw a lady in half
while playing bongos,
escape from a trap
as you dangle upside down
in a tank of seawater
while sharks swim 'round.

Guess the weight of each sheep
you juggle - midair,
wrestle with the
world's champion teddy bear.
Then stage lights are shut off,
the audience claps
- you wake up yawning
from an eight-hour nap!

About the Writer

Lee Blevins

Lee is a writer from Northeastern Kentucky. He lives with his girlfriend and their cat whose name is Lady Parmesan. She is a cruel creature, prone to biting and scratching, and absolutely adorable.