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Poetry for Children

Be More Potato

Listen to Rhiannon read her poem ...
A potato has the complete confidence to be
So many different versions of herself.
A potato’s total versatility means
She’s never found forgotten on the supermarket shelf.

She’s baked and she’s chipped, she’s scalloped and fried,
She’s in curries and soups, salads and pies,
She’s sauteed and roasted and rosti-ed and boiled,
She’s also just perfect simply blobbed with some oil.

She’s great friends with sausages, baked beans and fish,
And best buds with onions; they make quite the dish.
She’ll hang out with eggs, with chicken and cheese -
She fits in with them all with a comfortable ease.

But she’s at hand and humble, doesn’t boast, or make show,
So, I wonder, should we all be a bit more potato?

If we adapt to each moment, and change how we roll,
Bring warmth and support from the heart and the soul,
If we find purpose and use wherever we are,
And try to work as a team, and let others star,
But also, be happy, simply warm and alone -
Then life could be full of pleasures unknown!

Thing is, though our personality might be unbeaten,
It’s hard to ignore - we would also get eaten!

About the Writer

Rhiannon Oliver

Rhiannon is an actress, writer, workshop leader and mum from Cardiff. She graduated from RADA in 2004 and has performed with companies such as Shakespeare’s Globe, The National Theatre, BBC and Sky 1. Rhiannon started sharing her poems in Spring 2021 and has upcoming publications in Nawr Magazine, and anthologies with Nine Pens Press and Arachne Press. In June 2021, she was named Spoken Word Runner-Up in Poetry for Good, a national poetry competition celebrating key workers. She has recently started writing poetry for children and is currently working on a rhyming middle grade adventure story.