The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Barnyard Birthday Bash

Listen to Sarah read her poem ...
Birthday time for Farmer!
Party plans commence.
Horse assigns the jobs.
We’re waiting in suspense.

Hen will send the invites.
Duck will spin the tunes.
Goat will hang the banner.
Cow will fill balloons.

Llama’s part is punch.
Sheep will bake the cake.
Goose will greet the guests.
So Farmer gets a break.

It’s my turn and then I learn
The onus lies on ME . . .
To tidy up my pigsty
before the jubilee!

I’d rather help with cake
or games or decoration.
But . . . a pig must do her part
for a barnyard celebration!

About the Writer

Sarah Meade

Sarah is a reader, writer, mom, and former elementary educator. Her work has been published in Hop to It: Poems to Get You Moving (Pomelo, 2020), Babybug, Ladybug, and Highlights Hello. She’s a PAL member of SCBWI, co-host of #KidLitZombieWeek, Madness! Poetry authlete, and host of Thursday Read-Throughs. When not writing or reading piles of picture books, Sarah can be found chasing her children around their local playgrounds in North Carolina. You can find her at