The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Bantam Bobby That Crazy Chicky

Bantam Bobby,
Parades in the yard with his funny hat.
That crazy chicky.
Squawky, skamorky, skadoo.

His head feathers flap, blusterous.
The lady chickens watch him.
That crazy chicky.
Cocka, chocka, doodle doo.

He kicks the dirt as a boy chick must.
Cluck, malurk, buckoo.
That crazy, crazy, chicky,
Rawky, crallurk, curoo.

They watch his walk and hear his talk.
Their funny hat feathers ruffle in the breeze.

At the back of the yard the albino peacock watches.
Pee pew.
Peeeeee pew, he yells.
And all eyes turn.

Then, like a ghost, he floats into view.
And as he lands and flashes his flare.
Bantam Bobby bows.
That crazy chicky.
He knows great beauty when he sees it.

About the Writer

Laura Cooney

Laura is a writer from Edinburgh who writes for both children and grown ups and has numerous publications both in print and online. When she's not doing 'lots of writing' she'll be found with her two daughters as close to the sea as possible, probably looking for shells. There will be ice-cream!