The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Banana Ambush

Listen to Banana Ambush ...
If I were a banana
I wonder where I’d lurk?
Maybe where the business people
Rush along to work.

I’d sprawl all bright and yellow,
Waiting for my prey,
And when their foot made contact
I’d skid and slip away.

I think they’d say a rude word,
Or maybe two or three,
As, wondering what happened,
They’d shake a fist at me.

It would be very funny
And all around would grin.
The only problem is that I
Would end up in the bin.

About the Writer

Gillian Spiller

Gillian Spiller is a Scottish poet and children’s author, who has spent many years living and teaching in S-E Asia, E Asia and the Middle East. She is the author of four picture books, The Blue Sock (2019), Star Sailor (2020), On The Shelf (2021) and A Shell for Cleo (2022) by Marshall Cavendish Ltd. (Asia). Her poetry for children is available on the British Council’s Learn English Kids website, as well as here on The Dirigible Balloon.