The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Ballerina Cherry Tree

A grand Weeping Cherry Tree sways,
Tall in stature, a presence in and of itself-
Long lines extend into the world around it.
Arched branches mimic ballerina feet,
Elegantly stretch down to the ground.
Vivid leaves dance effortlessly with flow.
The feel of tutu petals spinning in the wind,
Often backstage to more vibrant stars-
Green at first, on point to bloom.
Thus, once a year - a chance to shine.
Company of pure pink petals flourish,
Pirouette & Jete around the surface.
To the beat of seasons changing,
Nature’s choreography dazzles.
A position to transform,
Velvet beauty of rebirth.

About the Writer

Stephanie Henson

Stephanie lives with her family in Southeastern, Pennsylvania, but is originally from Central, New Jersey where she studied Communications at Rider University. Her background is in advertising/marketing and most of her writing experience is through those professional roles. Writing and storytelling has been her passion for a long time. A short children's story she wrote was selected for publication by Glittery Literary, an article was featured in Parakeet Magazine’s inaugural issue and she has had several poems published by The Dirigible Balloon. She enjoys reading, theatre, mindless web searching, Netflix binges, sunflowers, sports and anything related to coffee!