The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children


as cold water on a very hot day
your babble, the most beautiful language
I love you more than life itself, please stay
half syllables and coos come with this age
little steps and strides unfold on this page
holding you in my arms: a dream come true
dearest, you make all things feel so brand new
you’re the evidence of answered prayer
your tears are as moist as the morning dew
here I am, a mother because you are.
Picture copyright (©) Mema Daisy 2024
Picture copyright (©) Mema Daisy 2024

About the Writer

Yewande Akinse

Yewande is a poet and author of two collections of poems titled, "A tale of being, of green and of ing" (2019) and Voices: a collection of poems that tell stories (2016).