The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

At Cocolicious

We’ve got:

chocolate balls and bars and beans,
sticks and squares and shapes between,
chunks and slabs, discs and spreads,
biscuits, cakes and chocolate bread,

dips and dunks, drinks and paint,
fancy, plain, chic and quaint,
eggs and rabbits, bears and hearts,
engraved and iced works of art,

hundreds, thousands, white, milk, dark,
colours, sprinkles, patterned marks,
powders, butters, bitter, sweet,
divine, delicious, tempting treats,

nutty, smooth, grated, bubbles,
snap it, share it, nibble, gobble,
covered toffee, nuts and fruit,
wafers, fudge, gold-wrapped loot,

honeycomb, marshmallow, creams,
fondants, nougats, crispy dreams,
fondue melts and chocolate drops –
the *‘Pa Pa Paa’ of chocolate shops.

Take it home in boxes bright,
tied with ribbons bowed up tight,
or cartons, nests, baskets, foil:
a token of the valued toil.

As lips and fingertips turn brown,
lick it off and send it down,
but, as your stretched tongue cleans your chin,
reflect where cocoa beans begin.

* 'Pa Pa Paa' means 'best of the best' in Twi, the language of the cocoa bean farmers in Ghana.

About the Writer

Helen Laycock

Poet and storyteller, Helen Laycock also writes fiction and poetry for 8–12-year-olds (information on her website). Formerly a primary school teacher, she has been employed as a creator of fiction and non-fiction text for SATs reading and comprehension revision and has been involved in judging and presenting children’s writing prizes locally. Her children’s poetry has appeared in The Caterpillar and has won and been shortlisted in several writing competitions.