The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Apple Seed

Listen to Kathryn ...
This tiny brown suitcase
is jammed full of future fruit.
A single white root
will unlock it.
A vigorous stem
will unpack the first leaves,
before bringing out
a fresh green outfit to hang
on wiry twigs.
Season by season the tree
will make a sturdy trunk,
strong enough to carry branches,
blossoms, birds and apples,
and spreading beneath it
a blanket of shade
on which I can sit and eat.

About the Writer

Kathryn Dove

Kathryn writes fiction and poetry for children. She enjoys the alchemy of poetry and seeing how a dash of imagination can transform ordinary life into something surprising and wonderful. She has lived in London and spent a summer working in a small village on the west coast of Scotland. Kathryn now lives with her family in Auckland, New Zealand.