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Another Cheesy Love Poem

Listen to Tom's poem ... read by JH
Sort me out with cheese on toast.
Cheese is what I love the most.
Stock my fridge with camembert.
Cheese me up – it’s only fair!

Cheese at breakfast. Cheese at lunch.
Cheese at dinner. Cheese at brunch.
Dinner time is never over
‘till I’m full of gorgonzola.

Go on, be a cracking fella –
sort me out with mozzarella.
Give me stilton. Give me brie.
Give me cheese on everything!

Cheese on crackers. Cheese on bread.
Cheese on cornflakes. Cheese in bed.
Bring the good stuff straight to me.
Yummy! Nom nom! I LOVE CHEESE!

About the Writer

Tom Moody

Tom writes poetry and fiction for both children and adults. He lives in Southampton and is currently studying Creative Writing at the University of Winchester. When he is not writing or studying, Tom likes to read, play his guitar, and watch his beloved Southampton F.C. lose.