The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

An Ode to the Comma

Listen to Victoria's poem ...
Underrated punctuation,
useful for organisation
such underappreciation.

There’s airtime for apostrophes
the colon: gets a lot of breeze
and full stops make you stop. And freeze.
The comma is no sensation.

Sits on the line below the text,
and tells you that a breath comes next,
creates a pause now for effect,
the master of hesitation.

So keep your semicolons strong;
and keep your hyphens nice-and-long
correct me if I use you wrong,
comma, you standing ovation.

About the Writer

Victoria Punch

Victoria is a musician and voice coach who lives by the sea, writing about what she sees and feels around her. She writes poetry for adults and children. She has been published in the6ress, Black Cat Poetry Press, Boats against the Current and is forthcoming in The Gravity of the Thing.