The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Alphabet Soup

Chew a C
Dive past D and catch an
F is hiding
So is G
Look! My lunch says HI to me!
J sinks quickly
K floats round
L is swimming upside down
M and N slip off the spoon
OOPs! I’ve eaten
Q too soon
R gets mashed with
S and
U is tangled up with
Slurp a W, swallow it whole
Don’t miss X at the bottom of the bowl
I lick my lips and scratch my head
Is there no sign of Z…?

About the Writer

Eleanor Brown

Eleanor lives in Norfolk and likes to take a break from her doctor day-job by walking the dog, being entertained by her energetic son and filling her head with poetic musings. Eleanor has had poems published by The Dirigible Balloon, Tyger Tyger Magazine and Northern Gravy. Find her on twitter: @EleanorJoyBrown