The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

All Sewn Up

I must find a needle,
I must find some thread,
I know that I need them
Because mum said:

I want your room tidied and dusted,
Your project and homework complete.
I want everything ‘sewn up’ by lunchtime
And nothing left messy, just neat.

So, I finished my project and homework,
I cleared up the mess in my room.
I did all the chores, checked the dog was indoors
And logged into lessons on zoom.

Then I sewed all the curtains together,
The tea towels, the dishcloths, the sheets.
I stitched up the laundry, dad’s socks and his shirts
And the cushions were sewn to their seats.

Just as I got to the wardrobe,
Mum arrived home and she cried:
What have you done, have you done it for fun?
I’ve done what you said, I replied.

Mum slumped down on the sofa:
You’ve taken my words in vain!
I didn’t mean literally ‘all sewn up’.

So, I asked her if she could explain.

She said: ‘all sewn up’ is a saying
For successfully getting things done.
I didn’t mean literally sew up the lot,
Now what’s sewn up must be undone.

We unpicked the hundreds of stitches
And set all the sewn-up stuff free.
Then Mum lay down with her feet up
And I made her a nice cup of tea.

But later, when I bent over
To pat the dog on the head,
My trousers split open from top to tail
I’ll get those sewn up, Mum said.

About the Writer

Val Harris

Val lives near Farnham with a horse and husband and several grandchildren living nearby, who like to mark her poems out of ten. She used to write for adults, but decided she much preferred writing poetry for children, after her debut poem was published online with The Dirigible Balloon in 2021. Since then, several others have appeared on various balloon flights, and she has had poems published in The Caterpillar Magazine, Paperbound Magazine, The Toy Press and Little Thoughts Press. You can find her as Val Poet on Instagram and @dragontripper Val Poet on Twitter.