The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

All I want’s a …

Hooray! It’s here! It’s Christmas Day.
Unwrap the presents. Time to play!
Rip the paper. Open wide.
A cardboard box! I jump inside.
I have adventures or a snooze,
I can make it what I choose.
A speedy car that wins the race,
A rocket zooming out to space.
A fort, a house, a postbox too,
A boat to sail the ocean blue.
Forget the dollies, games and socks,
All I want’s a … cardboard box!

About the Writer

Lucy Falkner

Lucy is a teacher and mum who loves using stories and poems to enrich children's learning. She was chosen for a mentorship with picture book author Clare Helen Welsh and has enjoyed learning more about writing for children over the last year.