The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

A Winter Walk

It’s cold in winter.
There’s a nip in the air.
So, to venture outside,
it’s good to prepare.

Let’s take a brisk walk.
Do you have what you need -
a hat for your head and
boots for your feet?

Long pants would be good.
Add a scarf for your neck,
and a coat with a hood.
Let’s start our trek!

What do you think?
The gloves or the mittens?
You’ll want warm hands,
in these cold conditions!

Now look at you!
You’re ready to go.
You’ll stay nice and warm,
when the snow starts to blow!

About the Writer

Pamela Taylor

Formerly in the classroom, Pamela belongs to SCBWI and 12x12. She lives in Texas and writes quirky animal stories and poems. Her poetry is featured in THINGS WE FEEL, WHAT IS A FRIEND?, WHAT IS A FAMILY? & WHAT IS HOPE? by Vardell and Wong; FLY & WILD by Hey Hey Books & LADYBUG. She enjoys hiking, reading and crafts. You can find her at