The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

A Teeny, Tiny Poem

Listen to Kev's poem ... read by JH
A pinch
A scrap
A fragment
A speck
A shard
A sliver
A snip
A fleck
A smidgen
A trace
A dash
A jot
A dab
A driblet
A droplet
A blot
A cutting
A snippet
A piece
A rip
A slice
A crumb
A shred
A chip
A morsel
A grain
A speckle
A dot
A thread
A shaving
A tidbit
A spot
How many more ways must I ask you for it?
Don’t be so stingy, just give us a bit!

About the Writer

Kev Payne

Kev grew up with a love of books, comics and cartoons which inspired him to draw. He loves bringing ideas to life and, as a former primary school teacher, has a keen interest in educational ideas. His first book, ‘B is for Blobfish’, was inspired when planning a science lesson and features a wide range of unusual and unloved animals. Alongside illustration, he writes stories, poems and creates animations and interactive games. He‘s also a town crier and 4th generation Punch and Judy man - Oyez! Oyez!