The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

A Roman Banquet

Our menu this evening -
We have the jellyfish omelette.
Washed down with the finest
Beverage in a golden goblet.

We have a milk-fattened snail.
It will tantalise your taste buds,
Without fail.

For main course we have,
The plumpiest to measure -
A juicy stuffed dormouse,
Seasoned with pepper.

And Roman style ketchup -
A dollop of garum sauce
(Fermented fish intestines)
Top quality, of course!

Finally, a special delicacy
Kept for our honoured guests;
We have flamingo tongue
On a bed of watercress.

About the Writer

Josie De Falco

Josie grew up in a large Victorian house full of storytelling and plays with her big Italian/English family. Her inspiration is her children and childhood memories in the Yorkshire Dales, and seaside coast of Filey. Josie is an advocate for encouraging children to explore their imagination through nature and support mental wellbeing. Her childhood nickname is Tinker Bell and a fan of the poems Flower Fairies. Josie’s work has been featured in Parakeet, and forthcoming publication in a nature anthology.