The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

A Riddle

“Who is higher
the Sun or the Moon?”

This is the question
that sent a skyscraper
almost into a swoon.

“I tower over
tall buildings
which reach
the sky and climb
clouds’ stairwell
pyramid high.”

Said the Sun
to the Moon,
which was taking
its stroll in the
late afternoon.

“I enshroud
tall buildings with
a glittering glow
which glides over
their rooftops
looking up to me
from below.”

Said the Moon,
playfully changing
its shape from
a cookie crescent
to an oval spoon.

This puzzling conundrum
the skyscraper racked
his brain over
all night long
plowing its way
through a logical
web of words
to decide who
is right or wrong.

“Do you have any
any idea how
to solve this riddle
without burning one’s
brain on a griddle?”

This desperate cry
the skyscraper finally
let out into the sky.

“Consider two sides
of the issue, Skyscraper,
and things will become
much clearer rather
sooner than later.”

Chimed in three dragonflies
suspending their flight
and hovering in the
early morning skies.

About the Writer

Julia Murphey

Julia teaches English for a living and writes poetry for recreation. For her, writing poetry is a safe harbor to find rest in and draw energy from. It is always an uplifting experience, which is accompanied by the feelings of joy, freedom, and rejuvenation. Her purpose is to communicate these feelings to her reader by encapsulating them into vivid imagery and musical rhythms. Her poetry has previously appeared in Better Than Starbucks, a poetry and fiction journal.