The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

A Letter from the Principal

Dear Mr. Smith and Mrs. Smith,
I’m writing you this letter
because your son’s behaviour
isn’t getting any better.

His writing is untidy and
his spelling is a worry.
He’s often late and consequently
always in a hurry.

His recent science project
nearly caused a school disaster.
The explosion covered girls and boys
in clouds of ceiling plaster.

He’s been with us for twenty years,
or is it twenty two?
Dear Mr. Smith and Mrs. Smith,
just what are we to do?

He’s untidy and he’s silly
and he always acts the fool,
but still the students say he’s
the best teacher in our school.

About the Writer

Pat Simmons

Pat Simmons lives at Scarborough, NSW, Australia, with her cats, Mr. Meowgi and Oscar. She writes picture book texts, poetry, short stories and adult flash fiction. Pat arrived in Australia from Leicester in 1974 so she’s lived in Oz for a long time! Her poems have been published in anthologies and children’s literary magazines.