The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

A Kiss on the Nose

A kiss on the nose is a powerful spell.
If you’re not feeling good, it will help you get well.
It reduces the risk that you’ll fall down a hole
And ensures that you won’t be attacked by a vole.

A kiss on the nose makes you lucky and strong
(Though it won’t stop you answering math questions wrong).
It’s a kind of protection, a shield against harm
So that brigands won’t find you and steal your left arm.

A kiss on the nose is a magical thing.
It can make you feel great, like you just want to sing.
It can help you tell jokes that will always get laughs.
It can help you make friends with some local giraffes.

A kiss on the nose means you are not alone.
It means someone loves you and calls you their own.
So although it won’t keep you from stubbing your toes,
Every day is improved with a kiss on the nose.

About the Writer

Templeton Moss

Templeton grew up in and around San Diego County, California in the U.S.A. He lives and works in Louisville, Kentucky, but considers Disneyland to be his hometown. He started writing because he thought it would get girls to like him. He has written many plays, novels, short stories and poems and his hobbies include naps and cartoons. Templeton dislikes manual labour and country music.