The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

A Forgotten Pebble in a Pocket

Once, when, as with every day,
I was younger than the day before,
I found a forgotten pebble in a pocket,
smooth and round.
Rubbing it between fingers,
I buffed the coinciding memories
to a shine
until they gleamed in brilliant sunlight,
illuminating the moment
when you plucked the pebble
from the wet sand of the shore
and, noting its perfection,
passed it to me as the rarest jewel.
Rediscovered now but having no need
of monuments of stone, in memoriam,
however small, I threw it,
far and high,
and watched it fall.
I aged another day today.
The tides still turn.
The coat is now back
in the cupboard,
the pocket empty.

About the Writer

Philip Ardagh

PHILIP ARDAGH is a Roald-Dahl-Funny-Prize-winning children’s author and poet, whose books have been translated into around 40 languages. These include The Eddie Dickens Trilogy, Grubtown Tales, The Grunts, and Stick & Fetch. High in the Clouds, his collaboration with ex-Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney is currently being made into a film by Gaumont & Netflix.