The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

A Dog's Life

Listen to Anna-Marie read her poem ...
Rise and shine early,
paw on the bed,
if that doesn’t budge Mum
nuzzle her head.

Food on the go,
no time to wait,
dash through the door,
sprint to the gate.

Head craned through window,
cool rush of air,
tongue out to taste it.
Are we nearly there?

Let me out! QUICK!
race like a hare
to the big old oak,
cock my leg in the air.

Hey Sheba! Hi Ted!
Chase zig-zags and circles
’til we've run out of puff.

But wait! What's that smell
from that dark corner there?
'Parfum de Fox' -
sham'poo' for my hair.

Roll this way and that.
Now my coat's nice and smelly,
Mum’s stepped in it too.
It's stuck to her welly.

Home for a snack.
Yay! A bone full of marrow.
A dog's life is great.
I can't wait for tomorrow.

About the Writer

Anna-Marie Maher

Anna-Marie Maher is a poet and musician living in Waterford, Ireland. Her poems have been published in The Caterpillar Magazine, Crannog, The Waxed Lemon and online. She is seeking representation for her recently completed children’s verse novel.