The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

A Christmas Carol Reimagined

after Charles Dickens

Three Ghosts change everything
uncovers truth whilst carols sing
puts a mirror right up against our life
greatest times and the worst strife.

The Ghost of Christmas past is first
shows us things don't last and worst
the past we understand and hold
tells us to be better and be bold.

The Ghost of Christmas Present is next
reveals what's vital and unpleasant perplexed
our present flaws and truths revealed
mistakes and follies of youth detailed.

The Ghost of Christmas Future comes last
unveils what needs to change and fast
to be better, help and embrace someone
repent, rejoice and be good to everyone.

So celebrate with Christmas glee
tinsel, mistletoe and family
snow angels, cracker jokes and generosity
the present of presence without pomposity.

Spicy holiday bakes, twinkling lights
snowflakes and bittersweet delights
make joy and happiness your business
celebrate a very Merry Christmas !!!

About the Writer

Peter Devonald

Peter is a poet and screenwriter living in Manchester. 2022 Selected for The Poetic Map of Reading project and the Chronically Online/ Culturable/ Layered Onion Group Show. Also published in Haus-a-rest deconstruction, Dwell Time Press, Tales of the Underbanks (3rd in award), Bolton Breakdown: reawakening, Heaton Post, Cheadle Post, Didsbury Post and 20 publications in previous years. 2001 Heart of the Heatons best poetry winner. Multi-award-winning screenwriter including Children’s Bafta nominated. 150 festival screenings. Formerly senior judge/ mentor Peter Ustinov Awards (iemmys).